Hydro Carbon Dry Cleaning Machine

Hydro Carbon Dry Cleaning Machine
Product Description

  1.  The automatic computer intelligent control, LCD screen displays at a glance, easy to operate.
  2. Manufactured and designed by high technology, Automatic control by computer, Having the features of saving time, saving power, reliable for using, and comes with high recovery , which is done automatically.
  3. Frequency control, economic energy.
  4. Equipped with both main computer panel and manual control panel.
  5. Equipped with frequency conversion motor , which can save power. 
  6. Equipped with circulation filtering devices, which can keep the solvent clean during washing to get better results.
  7. Equipped  with many carbon filters, which ensures no leakage and protect environment also avoids wastage.
  8. Equipped with centrifugal filter, which makes drying speed faster and the solvent is consumed less.
  9. the washing result are satisfied , safe, clean, non-shrinkable or non - crease, quality of the fabric is maintained.
  10. Cassette activated carbon filter, oil purifier, to test the Dacidification, sterilization. 
  11. The high-end fabrics and leather, hair -like clothes can be washed without damaging the fabres, does it the cortex, soft, indented, not wrinkle. 

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